Our Team

Our staff comprising over thirty employees is composed of chartered accountants, accountants, legal practitioners and tax experts, all at your service.

Renowned partners have been able to organise and put at the head of each department key persons to meet your expectations.


Alain Guillemain

Commander of the Ivorian National Order, Alain Guillemain is one of the forerunners of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Côte d'Ivoire. He is a former Vice-President of the Order and Ethics Commission, and a graduate from the University of Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Michel Jacquin

Michel Jacquin has over twenty-five years’ experience in renowned accounting firms. He is a FIDECA Partner and has substantial experience of project management and management.

Statutory Audit & Public Accounting Department

Adrien Sagbohan : Head of Department

Most of Adrian’s professional career has taken shape within FIDECA where he has worked for over twenty years.

Roger Douon : Senior Accountant

Roger is an Accountant & Auditor, and has been working with FIDECA for seventeen years. He is in a position to make his experience gained over these years available to you.

Tefilalao Valérien : Senior Accountant

Valérien has over twenty-five years’ experience in international companies and groups.

Eugénie Kouadio : Accounting Project Manager

Eugénie has twenty-four years of experience, but she has spent seventeen of those years at FIDECA.

Gérard Kouamé : Accounting Project Manager

Gérard has been a member of FIDECA staff for fourteen years.

Eude Alladayè : Accounting Project Manager

Eude has over seventeen years of experience, but he has spent twelve of those years in accounting firms.

Audit & Management Control Department

Roland Kouassi : Head of Department

Roland worked previouslywith an important company operating in agro processing industry. His experience and energy have allowedhim to become the head of FIDECA Audit and Management Control Department.

Legal Department

Armand Koffi : Head of Department

Armand worked in anotary firm for two years. In 2007, he joined FIDECA and was entrusted with the legal department.

Tax Department

Ursula Dutoziet : Head of Department

Following her higher education, Ursula joined some prestigious companies and firms. “Big Four” was one of such legal entities. Ursula then, became the Head of FIDECA Tax Department.

Administrative &Data-Processing Staff

Eugénie Lago : Executive Assistant

Having been working for over seventeen years, Eugenie is the ideal person that will be available when needed.

Elie N’Goran : Computer Head

For over ten years, Elie has been processing, classifying and storing the data of our customers in such a way to provide a database that is reliable, secure and accessible at all times.