1/ Decree No 2015-181 of March 24th relating to the use of electronics process for the creation of companies in Cote d’Ivoire

From now, all forms requested for companies’ creations are available on CEPICI website.

2/ Decree No 2015-182 of March 24th 2015 relating to companies’ identifications

Setting up of an unique ID available for :

  • Trade registration ;
  • Tax registration ;
  • Social registration ;
  • Importer Code ;

3/ Decree No 2015-206 of March 24th 2015 relating to real estate transfers

Real estate transfers rate previously 6% is reduced to 4%.

4/Decree No 2015-207 of March 24th 2015 relating to methods of tax payment

From now, companies subjected to ‘Regime Reel d’Imposition’ have the ability to :

  • Submit their tax return, online ;
  • Pay their tax by checks or via bank transfer ;

5/Decree No 2015-208 of March 24th relating to the creation of an electronic land register

An electronic land register which inludes registration and advertising data has been created.

This land register includes all informations relating to real estate (description, transformation, guarantee, mortgages etc.)