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We would like to inform you that the National Health Insurance Fund, f.n IPS-CNAM1, an organization in charge of the effective implementation of the National Health Insurance, f.n CMU, started its starting stage.

As a reminder, a health insurance compulsory system called « National Health Insurance » has been introduced by the law No 2014-131 of March 24th 2014 (annex 1).

This system, applicable to all the people living in Côte d’Ivoire, is composed by :

  • A contributory scheme called general basic scheme ;
  • A non-contributory scheme called medical assistance scheme which is available for disadvantaged persons as defined by decree.

From the first quarter 2016, this will permit to each person, to visit all conventional health institutions (public health institutions and/or private accredited health institutions) to receive the following benefits :

  • Medical visits ;
  • Drugs ;
  • Surgery acts ;
  • Laboratory tests ;
  • Hospitalization ;

NB : The current health coverage rate is between 70% and 80%2.


Concerned People

The starting stage which is made gradually concerns in priority, workers and retired of public and privates companies, rubber and palm oil producers.
Also, the main insured (the payer) must report all others he would be taking care of (the non payer) e.g : nuclear family, extended family etc.
Then, those persons must also be registered in order to receive the differents benefits mentionned above.

Required documents

In addition to the application form (annex 2), the following documents are also required :

  • For the payer insured
    • ID Card or any other official document in lieu of ;
    • Birth certificate or suppletive judgment ;
    • Marriage certificate, if married ;
    • Employment certificate ;
    • Parental authority certificate for unaccompanied people and for those under 18 ;
  • For the non payer insured
    • ID Card or any other document in lieu of
    • Proof of registration of the insured payer ;
  • For the retired (Further to documents as listed above)
    • Order or pension certificate

Place of registration

Companies wishing to register their employees have to contact IPS-CNAM office. For the non payer insured, he can visit places provided for this purpose (source :


Registration stage is free.
However, monthly contributions to be paid by each insured payer is set at XOF 1,000 / month.
Payment of these contributions is effective since last september.

NB : An agreement to determine how to divide CMU contribution between the employer and the employee has been adopted by the Ivorian Emloyers and the Ivorian Unions (annexe 3).
It was agreed that monthly contribution of XOF 1,000 will be divided as follows :

  • 50% paid by the emloyee ;
  • The other 50% paid by the employer ;

The employer’s contribution supports the employee, his legal spouse, and his children (no more than 63).

For any further information, please contact us at the following email address4 :

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Enclosures :
- Annex 1 : Law No 2014-131 of march 24th 2014 creating the CMU ;
- Annex 2 : Copy of the CMU administrative form ;
- Annex 3 : Copy of the agreement to determine how to divide CMU contribution between the employer and the employee ;

1- This organization has been created by the decree No 2014-395 of June 25, 2014 and published in the official gazette of July 15th 2014
2- Source :
3- Are considered as dependent, children with less than 21.
4- Your email must be sent « To the attention of Mrs Ursula DUTOZIET, Tax Manager »